Fax Sending or Fax Receiving

fax sending or fax receivingDon’t have a fax machine?

No problem! Use our fax sending or fax receiving services quick and easy. Send and receive the documents you need when you come to us.

Quick and easy fax sending or fax receiving service for any document

Get the faxes you need when you need them most and let Pak and Ship be your fax service provider. You can send and receive documents anywhere in the world with our easy to use fax service. Don’t trust your time sensitive documents to anyone else, bring them in today.

Fax sending or fax receiving made easy!

  • Incoming
  • Local
  • Long distance
  • International faxes

Imagine being out and about and away from your office fax machine.  A client needs the documents you have now and there is no way you could drive them to the client. You need to send a fax now! Fortunately, you remembered that Pak and Ship Burbank offers a quick fax sending service that will get your document delivered on time.  Your client will have the documents they need in minutes and you will have saved the project from catastrophe!

Perhaps you ‘re visiting the area and need a printed fax immediately.  With Pak and Ship Burbank fax receiving, simply direct your client to send to our local fax number then stop by and pick up your document.  Receiving a hard copy fax could not be easier.

Pak and Ship Burbank is open Monday through Saturday for your convenience.  Give us a call today and we will be happy to help you get or receive the documents you need.  Our fax number is 818.845.3695 but we do ask that you phone us prior to having your faxes sent to us so that we may hold them on your behalf.